The Queen City Unconference for Product Managers & Marketers

ProductCamp is a free, one-day conference for anyone interested in designing, building, launching and marketing great products.

It's collaborative and participant-driven. That means no set agenda and no sales pitches; just a great opportunity to interact with the region's best and brightest on product strategy.

June 21, 2014 in Charlotte, NC

What is ProductCamp CLT?

ProductCamp CLT is Charlotte's Premier Event for Product Strategy Professionals

ProductCamp is a global "unconference" series for Product Managers and Product Marketers, and we’re bringing one to Charlotte for the very first time this summer. It will be the premier gathering of product professionals in the area, bringing together a diverse crowd from all areas of product strategy to learn from one another and share experiences.

What's an unconference?

Rather than having pre-scheduled speakers, anyone who is interested in leading a session can pitch a proposal. The attendees then vote for their favorite topics and we schedule the sessions based on the voting. The sessions are highly interactive and participatory, ranging from round-table discussions or workshops to the standard 1-person presentations. Learn more about the different types of sessions.

Sound interesting?

Read on to get the full scoop on session topics, the history of ProductCamp, the two-foot rule and more.


Saturday, June 21st, 2014

  • 9:00am to 4:00pm EDT
  • Registration opens at 8:30am

Uptown, Charlotte, NC

  • Skookum Digital Works
  • 201 S. Tryon Street, 15th floor
  • Charlotte, NC 28202

Why Should You Attend ProductCamp?

Learn From Your Peers

Fair warning: the collective knowledge on display at a typical ProductCamp can leave your head spinning. You won't find a better group to learn from.

Showcase Your Knowledge

Product people are often too busy doing the work to go out and talk about it. Now is your chance. Since sessions are open, the stage is yours.

Make Some Friends

It's not always easy to get out there and meet new people, even at conferences. ProductCamp is open, interactive and designed to foster new relationships. And there will probably be a happy hour.

It's 100% Free

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch, and they're right — to earn your lunch at ProductCamp you have to show up and participate. But you won't pay a dime otherwise.

Find a Job

Looking for your next opportunity? Get your name out there, make some connections and learn about positions before they're even posted. It's like a career fair, except not awful.

Fill a Job

Looking for that perfect fit for your organization? The odds are in your favor when you can get the top product minds all in the same room with you. Just don't send a recruiter that can't talk shop.

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