What is ProductCamp?

It's an Unconference

ProductCamp is entirely participant-driven. It has its heritage in BarCamp, which is an international network of user-generated conferences, otherwise known as unconferences. They are open, workshop-style events, whose content is provided solely by participants.

It's Global

There are ProductCamps being hosted in dozens of major cities worldwide, from San Francisco to Bangalore. Now we're bringing one to Charlotte.

It's for Product People

You don't need to have the title of Product Manager to come. If you play a role in shaping the success of a product, you can play a role in ProductCamp. From designers and developers to marketers and analysts, you're only required to share a passion for great products.

Thousands of people came together last year for ProductCamp events in dozens of cities worldwide.

How Does It Work?

You decide the topics.

Everyone can pitch a session, whether it's a full-on presentation or simply leading a discussion on a topic near and dear to you. Then everyone votes and the most popular sessions make it on the schedule.

You pick your agenda.

Go to the talks that interest you. We follow the two-foot rule — if you don't like a session, vote with your feet by switching to another. Or mingle in the hall and make new friends. ProductCamp is what you make of it.

You participate.

Everyone who attends actively participates in some manner: presenting, leading a discussion, sharing best practices, securing partnerships or volunteering with event logistics.

A participant at the voting board during ProductCamp Portland.

What types of sessions can we expect?

These aren’t your typical conference talks. We encourage sessions that are highly interactive, and view the session leader as a facilitator more than a presenter. There are 4 main types of sessions that you’ll see.


A session moderator will give a short intro to frame up a discussion topic, then open the floor for comments, questions and general discussion.


Several panelists discuss the given topic, preferably from diverse perspectives. A moderator facilitates with prepared questions or questions from the audience.


The audience is actively involved in an exercise or application of a technique or process which has been presented by the session leader.


One person will take the stage to share their insights. Slides are optional, and the audience is encouraged to ask questions as they arise instead of a Q&A at the end.

What types of topics can we expect?

Topics will run the full gamut from opportunity analysis and product strategy, to product development and marketing execution. We schedule sessions with this in mind, ensuring that there are distinct options to choose from in each time slot. Here are some example session topics taken from past ProductCamps.

Product Strategy

  • How to Build Roadmaps That Stick
  • Sizing, Segmenting & Forecasting Markets

Product Marketing

  • Intro to Solution Marketing
  • Aligning Sales & Marketing


  • Destroying the Competition with Superior Analytics
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People (With Data)

Design & Customer Experience

  • Product & UX: Are the Roles Blurring?
  • From Personas to Production

Tools & Processes

  • Tools for Product Lifecycle Management
  • Agile is Killing Me

Teams & Careers

  • Product Manager Pathfinder
  • Building & Growing a High-Performing Product Team

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