Sponsorship Opportunities

If you're interested in getting your brand in front of the top product professionals in the Charlotte region, we'd love to hear from you. sponsors@productcampclt.org

Who will be there?

ProductCamp attendees come from all areas and levels of the product development process. We’ll have everyone from junior-level product analysts to executive-level product professionals, from industries ranging from digital to durables, consumer goods to manufacturing. Based on early interest and projections from ProductCamp events in other cities, we are anticipating 50+ attendees for the first event.

Why sponsor?

These 50+ professionals will take what they learned at ProductCamp CLT, including knowledge of your brand, back to their companies. The attendees include Product Managers, Product Marketers, VP/Dir of Product Manager/Marketers, Business Development, Students, Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers. This audience represents the most innovative & progressive thought leaders in the product development community – the very people you’re trying to reach.

Who typically sponsors?

Sponsors for past ProductCamps have ranged from national retailers to local coffee shops. Here’s just a small selection of sponsors from recent ProductCamp events across the U.S.

Please contact us if you're interested in learning more.